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PREFACE: A Fresh-Faced Survivor


The moment you meet Edita Daniute up close in person, sans heavy dance makeup and ruffles of fabrics, her fresh-faced prettiness will command all of your attention. Once you are engaged in a conversation with her, however, your fascination is instantly sucked into her astounding frankness.


She is so open – almost like an open book – with her feelings and opinions that you inevitably start to worry for her. With such outspokenness, how has she managed to survive the world of competitive dancing, filled with ardor, ego and diplomacy?

In a sense, she didn’t. In the end she gave up competing in WDC. Yet in another sense she did – many times – as her trice-repeated dramatic comebacks testify.

The first unofficial retirement hit her during her maternity leave in the autumn of 2007 when her Amateur Championship partner Arunas Bizokas headed for the US to form a future Professional Championship alliance with Katusha Demidova. Having bided her time for one and a half years, Edita made a triumphant come back with Angelo Madonia as the Professional Rising Star at the 2009 Blackpool, only to part with him as he cemented his life-bound commitment to Alessia Betti. The world did not have to wait long however, before it welcomed her back as a freshman finalist and Vice-Champion at the 2010 UK Open, this time arm-in-arm with the four-time World Champion – and Alessia’s ex-partner of 21 years – Mirko Gozzoli.

Thus Mirko & Edita set out as the 2nd best in the world from the very beginning – and stayed as such to their great frustration. Two short years later, that too had to come to an abrupt end at the Taiwan Open Championships in late February 2012. With yet another Runner-up result as her swan song, Edita blew away the audience by announcing her decision to retire as of that very moment.

Oh, so this is how this Lithuanian lady’s eventful, high-flying competitive career concluded. — So the world was convinced for the following 7 months until she and Mirko "re-coupled," first for only demonstrations, but then another four months later, they re-emerged as a renewed competitive team. Their affiliation was now switched from WDC to WDSF, and their national representation from Italy to Lithuania.
Following are the records of my exclusive two-time interviews with Edita, both of which focus on her breakup and reunion with Mirko.